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"I believe art mastery is a cumulative effort garnered from our experience gained over time and practice". -- Lilibeth André.

A speaker and consultant in art, Mexican culture, and natural health & wellness.

Made in México. Raised in the U.S.A. In her teen years Lilibeth André returned to Mexico and adopted “Mexicanismo”. She collected Mexican attire, jewelry, huaraches, and in particular, sombreros. The best part was that she got to wear her collection. The return to her roots absorbed her and called her to reconnect with the culture.

She expanded her personal knowledge by reading about history, inquiring about customs, and participating in traditional
ways of living. Her life linked American culture with Mexican heritage. A heritage she was fortunate enough to live, with the appreciation of someone who has pined for it in years past. She chose to study Design in Mexico City where, in Coyoacan, she studied classical and Mexican art, design, architecture, folk dance…She traveled and learned more about customs and traditions, costumes and legends, holidays and sayings. Quenching that thirst for more knowledge about the ways of her people continues to be a priority.

Today, she shares this knowledge. She brings her experience to life through her work. Her love for the classical art training and her heritage of bold and forceful emotion interlaced with the serenity of a strong culture is merged and reflected in her work.


Dawn by the Pond (Sold)

I fell in love with several of Lilibeth's pieces.  Her landscapes so perfectly capture the mood of the scene through color and texture.  They are truly amazing.