Lilibeth André

Holistic Rejuvenation Therapies and Services

The individualized service pack includes services specifically tailored to each client.

The initial consultation provides a foundation to define the recommended services. A service plan is then created to meet the right needs.

Initial consultations for a service pack are approximately 90-120 minutes. Fees for consultations range between $75-$375.   

We offer service packs for greater service and convenience.

See our FAQ for more about what we do.

Contact us for specific information or to schedule a consultation.

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Lilibeth André, ND, CNHP, ANMA

Body, Mind and Soul

As a naturopath and pranic healer with over 35 years of experience I help people find the youthfulness they thought they lost. I bring together body, mind and spirit through the use of holistic integrative, complementary and alternative therapies in a simple and personal way. I work with you to enhance your rejuvenation from the inside out.

Healthy Balance