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Integrative Anti-aging Specialties

Aging begins from the inside. The environment can have its affects too. My mission is for us to work together. I learn as much about you as I can to identify what your needs are. With that information I put together an action plan to build a solid foundation to support your healthy balance. This foundation allows us to optimally support your body systems. We lay the groundwork for a natural balance to occur. With this effort natural rejuvenation is more accessible and longer lasting.

We work with:

No-touch Therapies


Improve your complexion and body form.

These no-touch therapies work on your auric field by delivering subtle pranic energy to cleanse, decongest, and energize. The therapy focuses on removing blockages, congestion or depletion and provides a healthy balance that results in improved complexion and body form.

This therapy can remove freckles and acne. It helps soften lines and wrinkles creating a younger and brighter looking skin. It will help you lose excess weight giving you a slimmer look. You will feel better and confident about your appearance. You will be better able to regulate your appetite by managing your cravings for food and sugar. And you will eliminate negative emotions that contribute to weight gain.

Osteo Anti-aging Health

Healthy bones provide structure, protect organs, anchor your muscles and store calcium.

Bone strength and density is a key to healthy bones. Healthy cartilage and connective tissue helps to improve function and movement. Muscle mass and strength is founded on strong bones.

Hormonal Anti-aging Health

Enhance your sleep, your sexual function, and the youthfulness of your skin.

Increase the sensitivity of your hormone receptors to improve endocrine function and receive the benefits of a healthier, more youthful performance.

Body Systems Anti-aging Health

Enhance the efficient function of your body systems for better health.

Aging affects body systems as the cells, tissue and organs change. Anti-aging therapies nourish and renew the body systems to boost them for optimal performance.

Mechanical Body Anti-aging Health

Give your body what it needs for optimal performance.

The body is a working system. The mechanics by which it performs functional processes that maintain our youthful function are supported by optimal performance.

Holistic Beauty

 A healthy body has strong nails, hair, and healthy skin.

This beauty comes from the inside out. When you provide your body what it needs the body responds with strength that is reflected in nails that are strong. Your hair is stronger and more luxurious, and your skin glows.

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