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A presentation of “The Lady of The Turquoise Pendant”, by Lilibeth André.

Response from Speaker Events:

“Artist/Author Lilibeth Andre from Houston visited the library today and talked about her book The Lady of the Turquoise Pendant. The self-published book is about an Aztec princess who must fight for her father's kingdom that is doomed to fall into the hands of the evil and bloodthirsty high priest. The 8 illustrations were painted by the author and include all of the main characters in the story.

Ms. Andre talked to nineteen classes which included Spanish, English and art classes. The teens had many interesting questions such as her inspirations for the different faces in the art, if artists today use live models, and why she chose to self-publish versus the traditional path.

Thank you Ms. Andre and we look forward to the next book in the story!”

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“…and for all you do for teachers and students.”

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More comments from readers…

This is a fine new book, with fascinating characters in an exotic pre-Columbian setting. The plot is adventure/human interest, with a strong female heroine. And the illustrations are dynamite!

- I didn't realize until the end I was reading a fable for the ages for all the Aztec people. Made me kind of sad, but there is still an ultimate hope for the descendants of the Aztecs. I think my reaction tells me you told the story well… Axooxco and Tochtli were the most interesting characters to me…  Found it interesting that much of the story was told thru dialogue… Loved the illustrations, too. You're so good with those colors.

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