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Natural Health & Wellness Workshop Series 2015

Are you ready to pamper yourself and enhance your health and well-being? Come and learn natural ways to maintain your wellness by increasing your Natural Practice IQ.

Flower Essences, Reflexology, Essential Oils, Kinesiology, Sound Therapy, Herbs, Enzymes, Energy – What does it all mean?

This workshop series introduces natural practices to help you better understand what they are, how they work, and how they help you, your family, and even your pets, reach and maintain your optimum healthy balance. When your body is in balance you create the systems environment for optimum wellness.

The workshop series offers three separate workshops on March 7, March 28, and April 11, and features an introduction to:
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Saturday, March 7

Nutrition & Detox – Lilibeth Andre, ND, CNHP

Good health begins from the inside out. What you put in your body is the fuel your body receives to run the human eco-system that is the machine you call your body but what about the trash? Like all processes, they use up fuel and produce waste that is best removed to allow for a clean work environment. Come learn how to best fuel your body and take out the trash.

Natural Beauty – Lenna Groudan, CNHP

A desire to make a deodorant without aluminum was followed by making lip balm. Next she was making products to help with rosacea. Sharing with others began. Then the kids began to make soaps and products to sell. It was a lesson in money management. They had so much fun they decided to make it a business. Come and learn how pure ingredients can be the source of cosmetics that are actually good for you. Interview.

Saturday, March 28

Flower Essences – Lilibeth Andre, ND, CNHP

Flower essences are a form of vibrational medicine. Flower essences deliver the vibrational energy of each flower with each flower bringing its own powerful healing way. Come and learn more about flower essences and how this natural therapy can help you rebalance your own energies through the flowers’ energy expression.

Nutrition, Floral Essences, and Kinesiology for Pets – Dr. Laura Andre, DVM (via Skype)

The same natural health concerns we have for ourselves we also have for our pets. This empathy generated an addition of natural practices to active veterinary care. Through years of training and practice, a personalized plan is developed for each patient. Come and learn how a combination of veterinary medicine, herbology, homeopathy, flower essences, vibrational medicine and kinesiology can help with behavioral problems, as well as to support treatment of illness and cancer. These are the basis for a practice that serves patients across the continent. Interview.

Saturday, April 11

Digestion, Enzymes & Probiotics  - Lilibeth Andre, ND, CNHP

It’s a zoo in there! Digestion is a chemical process that takes the important role of valuable players into account in order to orchestrate a symphony. Come and learn who these key actors are in the healthful process of proper digestion. Learn what their role is all about, and what you can do to support the cast. Proper digestion is the foundation of good health.

Herbology – Miranda Sparks, LVN. CNHP

Learn the basics of plant ID, harvesting, and making plant medicine. We will use two readily available examples to forage immediately after class. You will be able to apply what you’ve learned from the beginning process. Miranda will have examples from her own medicine making along with examples of properly verses improperly dried herbs.  Learn fun facts about where herbs where used in different cultures, and common myths such as the after dinner mint, and why ginger goes with sushi. Interview.

Presented by Lilibeth Andre © Lilibeth Andre Art & Design – Healthy Balance

Your workshop was very interesting, well assembled and researched. You are very well versed in the field of natural sustainability. Visuals are a plus!

- Zita Giraldo, Artist


Practical, hands-on and effective workshops! Instantly increased my understanding of how natural practices can balance overall wellness.

- D. Marie Marshall

What You Can Expect

Each workshop includes two presenters.


 9:00 am Session 1

10:30 am Break

10:50 am Session 2

12:00 pm Conclusion

Early-bird Registration: $100

Registration: $120

Under 29 Registration: $20*

The workshops will feature small group presentations.

Workshop attendees receive two $25 gift certificates good towards consultation or products. (* Under 29 Registrants receive a $10 gift certificate.)


Location: West Loop Building, 4848 Guiton Street, Studio 223, Houston, Texas 77096