A  r  t  i  s  t      &      A  u  t  h  o  r

A sample of classical and contemporary still lifes, as well as wildlife of native or surrounding areas I have visited.

Still Lifes and Wildlife paintings are created in acrylics, colored pencil and oils. I’ve included some of my Southwest cattle pieces here.

"I was looking for the perfect gift for my husband.  He is an avid bike rider. I took a picture of my husband’s bike and we discussed the possibilities.  I expected a painting much like the one in the photo, but the end result was so much more.  The background was done in such a way as to make the bike pop off the canvas.  I was pretty amazed at the final product.  The painting hangs in our living room and is treasured by him and admired by many of our visitors.

If you are considering a painting of your very own, I highly recommend Lilibeth and her work! "

Still Life & Wildlife