A  r  t  i  s  t      &      A  u  t  h  o  r

A collection of surrealist self-portraits to chronicle experiences in an allegorical style.

An always willing model to materialize a concept, the artist poses for these surrealistic scenes full of messages and symbolism. These pieces are created in oils and mixed media using various supports.

After a visit to Tulum and Monte Alban I saw the geometric figures found among the ruins. I was inspired to create this goddess.

Aztec priests prepared their bodies for religious ceremonies by applying red body paint. Their costumes included semi-precious stones and other decor to represent the various powers each stone represented.

This is the goddess of the broken heart, iyollotzin motlapana (Nahuatl for 'her heart broken'). Her face is a skull that weeps with pain. Her hands hold the broken heart that drips the last drops of blood before standing still forever.   (This is a fictional goddess I created).