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The Songs of My Grandfather: The Songs Written By Isauro Mendoza Nava Presented As Poetry

The Songs Of My Grandfather is a collection of romantic songs of love, humor and heartbreak written in the later years of the life of Isauro Mendoza Nava and presented in this book as poetry. The songs were written in Spanish and have been translated into English. Introducing poetry and lyrics by Aurora N. Mendoza and A. I. Andre.

A collection of songs as poems. The songs are in Spanish and include English translations.

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I told her the dream and I sang the song… Then she mentioned my grandfather’s songs.

“His songs?” I asked.

“Yes, he wrote many songs,” she said

At that moment I knew that the message was for me too. My grandfather wanted me to share his songs! My grandmother agreed and that is why I created this book. It fulfills what I believe to be what my grandfather wanted.

Lilibeth André

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