I like representing good design, color and texture in an impressionistic style. My work is inspired by the locations I visit and the people I encounter along the way. I like to capture the bold force or peaceful strength of my subjects. I’ve been an artist forever. In 1978 I began to paint. In 1999 I began to paint with water-based oils to avoid the use of solvents and release them into the air. In 2013 I began to paint without brushes to avoid using water to clean them. I like to think I am preserving my subjects, through my vision of them, as windows you can enjoy anytime.


My artwork includes landscapes, portraits and figures.


Online Exhibition

Visit my online exhibition featuring the most current available paintings HERE. Enter to find the most current paintings. Once inside you can choose to browse the More Exhibitions button featuring other paintings and available archival paintings as well. Enjoy the shows and let me know if you would like to know more about any of these paintings.


Landscape Art

Original Landscape Paintings Currently Available.

From $800 to $5,000

Portrait & Figure Art

Original Portrait And Figure Paintings Currently Available.

From $800 to $5,000

Commissioned Art

A Painting Created Just For You.

From $800 to $5,000+